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Mount Hotaka 
山岳写真家 内田 修 
Photography by Osamu Uchida
穂高岳(ほたかだけ)は、中部山岳国立公園の飛驒山脈にある標高3,190mの山(奥穂高岳)を主峰とする山々の総称である。日本第3位の高峰であり、これらの山々は穂高連峰とも称され、槍ヶ岳とともに槍・穂高連峰とも呼ばれる。長きに渡り穂高岳を中心に撮影を続けてきた山岳写真家 内田修の作品の一部を紹介します。

Hotakadake is a general term for mountains whose main peak is the mountain (Oku Hotakadake) at an altitude of 3,190 m in the Hida Mountains of Chubu Mountain National Park. It is the third highest peak in Japan, and these mountains are also called the Hotaka mountain range, and along with Mt. Yarigatake, they are also called the Yari / Hotaka mountain range. 

Mountain photographer Osamu Uchida, who has been shooting around Mt. Hotaka for a long time.